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Caring for your bag

Leather is a natural product which is beautiful, strong, and durable.  With the correct care, your leather bag can last for years!

Firstly, always ensure that your hands are clean before you handle your bag as any oil or residue on your fingers can easily be transferred to your bag. Once a week, wipe your bag with a dry or slightly damp micro-fibre cloth to remove any surface dirt.


Every couple of months apply a very small amount of quality leather cream to your bag with a soft cloth.  This will keep your leather bag supple. Our favourite leather cream is a product called Clear Hide Food which is available at Woodheads in Cape Town.  This product works very well on all types of leather.  For softer leather, Shield leather cream is a good product and it is widely available in supermarkets and Builders Warehouse.

Do not use water or leather cream on suede or suede-like leather.  Clean with a brush and a special suede cleaner.

NEVER submerge your bag in water as the leather may harden and/or lose its shape.

Store your bag away from direct sunlight as excessive heat may cause the leather to become dry and crack over time. Sunlight may also cause the colours to fade.

We use Indian Buffalo leather for the straps on our bags.  This oil-tanned leather is strong and durable but it may become marked/scratched over time.  These marks give the leather a beautiful vintage patina.  However, if you wish to remove the marks, simply rub a small amount of leather cream into the strap with a soft cloth.

It is extremely difficult to remove oil and ink stains from leather.  Prevention is better than cure!   If you decide to use a chemical to try to remove a stain, do a test on a small hidden part of the bag first.

If the stitching on your bag gets dirty, simply rub it very gently with an eraser to remove any dust. An eraser may also be used to gently remove marks from light coloured leather.